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: Training and Handling seminar March 21-23rd, Tupelo, OK

01-18-2011, 08:53 AM
What The Books
Do Not Tell You
Tim Springer
Retriever/Handler Training Seminar
Doug Dodge Ranch – Tupelo, OKLAHOMA
March 21(4PM–7PM), 22(9AM-3PM) and 23(9AM–3PM), 2011
Seminar is limited to 15 handlers- one dog per handler.
$100 registration plus $ for live flyers.
Lodging and food on your own.

Have you ever read or heard the saying, “Read your dog?” This advice is most often given by experienced trainers and handlers, who have had the opportunity to train hundreds of dogs over many years. I believe most people do not know how to read a dog, and most of those experienced to do so cannot explain the process, they just are “natural” at doing so.

This seminar will largely focus on reading your dog. I have no ambitions to sell the steps I use to train a dog. By this I mean how I go about force fetching, doing the T, etc. Certainly we will cover those topics and much more, but the focus will be on keeping the dog’s mental state correct while you teach, and how to be a good teacher and leader to your dog. In fact, we will work on keeping you and your dog’s mental state correct ALL the time!

The information presented will make you a better dog person. Whether it is an 8-week-old pup or an 8-year-old veteran, my philosophy of interaction with the dog is the same. Dogs are experts at reading body language, and we need to be better at reading theirs. They do not lie to us; we simply are not listening to what they are saying. So if you are working on your first dog, or your 20th, the value in this seminar is the same because reading your dog comes into play at all levels of training. Over the three days you will begin to start seeing things you have missed in the past. You will think about your dog’s and other people’s dog’s behavior in a different way. You will start noticing what these dogs are telling us. Whether it be watching someone teach basic obedience or running a complicated water blind, you will find value.

I look forward to learning with you,

01-18-2011, 09:18 AM
This seminar will cover the following topics.
• Being a dog and how dogs think
• A dog’s mental state
• Pressure
• Training
• Handling
Note: The first day is classroom. This is important and is mandatory to increase the effectiveness of the fieldwork during the next two days. Everyone runs his or her dog. We identify goals to work on, come up with a plan and work the plan to improve handler and dog communications and skills.