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: Digital Cameras Tutorial - Magic Lantern Guides

02-27-2011, 08:11 PM
You just don't know what you don't know. Well I've been on business travel and I happened to wander through Barnes and Noble the other day and picked up a DVD/book combo for digital cameras and specifically for the Nikon D90 which I own. I also know there are a lot of RTFers who are photographers, but when I ask questions and get answers, they never really had the proper context for me (way over my head)....not to mention it seems a lot of RTFers pick up photography for fun, so here is my review.

Wow, it really answered some basic questions I had. I'm a total newbie to photography and I never realized just how much there is to know yet it isn't totally overwhelming - even though it feels like it.

I read the book while at dinner the other night, it was nice because it showed pictures of what a particular setting does to a photograph and it wasn't written in geek speak. Very simple and an easy read.

I watched the first DVD which was a repeat of what was in the book, but it really solidified the basic concepts of all the silly buttons and settings on a camera and how they interact with each other.

I haven't watched the DVD for my specific camera as I want to have my camera in hand to play with it, but I'm sure it will be very informative like the book and other DVD.

This is a real basic intro for those new to photography and if you just picked up your first SLR camera and have found it slightly intimidating or you are still stuck in "auto-mode" I would highly recommend this tutorial by Magic Lantern Guides....I can't wait to get home and play with my camera and really start to use the features it has and stop using "auto-mode" all the time!

So as a warning, be prepared to see lots of photos posted up by me in the future....S and P mode don't scare me no more! :D

BTW the DVD/Book was reasonably priced at ~$20....


02-27-2011, 09:20 PM
Good for you!
You sound helplessly hooked.

Once you've mastered basics, a good "transition" book is
Understanding Exposure, by Bryan Peterson. He has a real gift for teaching, and his books are really designed logically and easy to understand.