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: Organ Donation from Death Row

Gerry Clinchy
03-07-2011, 07:28 AM

I can find no logical argument against this death-row request.

There are more than 3,000 prisoners on death row in the United States, and just one inmate could save up to eight lives by donating a healthy heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other transplantable tissues.

The main explanation is that Oregon and most other states use a sequence of three drugs for lethal injections that damages the organs. But Ohio and Washington use a larger dose of just one drug, a fast-acting barbiturate that doesn’t destroy organs. If states would switch to a one-drug regimen, inmates’ organs could be saved.

Another common concern is that the organs of prisoners may be tainted by infections, H.I.V. or hepatitis. Though the prison population does have a higher prevalence of such diseases than do non-prisoners, thorough testing can easily determine whether a prisoner’s organs are healthy. These tests would be more reliable than many given to, say, a victim of a car crash who had signed up to be a donor; in the rush to transplant organs after an accident, there is less time for a full risk analysis.

But when a prisoner initiates a request to donate with absolutely no enticements or pressure to do so, and if the inmate receives the same counseling afforded every prospective donor, there is no question in my mind that valid organ-donation consent can be given.

If I donated all of my organs today, I could clear nearly 1 percent of my state’s organ waiting list. I am 37 years old and healthy; throwing my organs away after I am executed is nothing but a waste.

And yet the prison authority’s response to my latest appeal to donate was this: “The interests of the public and condemned inmates are best served by denying the petition.”

Many in the public, most inmates, and especially those who are dying for lack of a healthy organ, would certainly disagree.

Christian Longo, a prisoner at Oregon State Penitentiary, is the founder of the organization Gifts of Anatomical Value From Everyone (

Ken Bora
03-08-2011, 06:25 AM
I have the box checked to be a donor on my license.
I am in the bone marrow reg. program and give blood.
I think it is stupid and a waste to not let death row'ers give back.
I am on the cusp of being ready to say "we" (the state) should harvest them when needed.
Like growing beets or turnup.

Tell Bubba, who is 25 and 5 years into a life sentance "Good News, your liver is a match and we want it now!" The issue would be if the following year somebody else admits to Bubba's crime....... OOOOPS!!! Sorry.


03-08-2011, 01:48 PM
Makes perfect sense to me. At least in donating organs these criminals--people who have inflicted horrendous suffering on the innocent--would make some positive contribution to society.