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: Wisconsin Union Law Published Despite Court Order

Eric Johnson
03-25-2011, 09:43 PM
This is a twist. It appears that the DA sought action and then the judge acted on the wrong law. She said the subject law couldn't be published but forgot that until the legislation is published it is not a law. The Legislatative Reference Service had to follow the WI law that sort of follows the "How a Bill becomes a Law" script and published it.

Now that the law has been published and is the law, the judge can rule on it.



Wisconsin officials couldn't agree Friday about whether an explosive law taking away nearly all public worker collective bargaining rights was about to take effect after a nonpartisan legislative bureau published it despite a court order blocking implementation.

The head of the Legislative Reference Bureau that made the move, as well as a nonpartisan attorney for the Legislature, said the action was merely procedural. But Republican legislative leaders, who encouraged the bureau's action, insisted it meant law would take effect Saturday.