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: Colonial Retriever Field Trial Club Spring FT

03-27-2011, 09:22 AM
The Spring FT for Colonial is open for entries and is listed on Entry Express. The trial dates are May 6-8 and the event will be held in and around the Halifax & Plympton, MA area. The closing date is Wednesday, April 27, 2011.

03-27-2011, 04:47 PM
Judges Slate as follows:

Open: Tom Hawley & Brenda Lokey
Amateur: Carl Boteze & Scott Martin
Qualifying: Don Bovers & Dolores Smithg
Derby: Don Bovers & Jim Machado

Join us for our spring trial at the cranberry bogs!

04-13-2011, 07:36 AM
Change in Amateur Judge for Colonial FT:

Amateur judge will be Glen Golden instead of Carl Boteze

05-09-2011, 08:19 AM
CRFTC Spring Trial Results

1st (# 1) CK's Miss Rose, O: Marion Stroud-Swingle, H: Mark Mosher
2nd (#36) Fever Pitch Fergie, O: R & B Millheim; H: Rick Millheim
3rd (#28) Soar'in in the Pines at DAGL wood O: Lynne Busch H: Rick Millheim
4th (#44)Pongo Wai Kuri O: L. Langston & C. Bouzaid H: Mark Mosher
RJ (#5) AFC Waquoit Bayís Lone Arranger O: Len Rentel; H: Len Rentel

#4 CKís Wild Eyed Country Boy O: D & R Smith; H: Mark Mosher
#21 Captainís Tow Line O: Dan Rice H: Dan Rice
#41 FC CKís Blue Velvet O: Marion Stroud-Swingle; H: Mark Mosher
#45 Rev. Blue Genes O: Rex Bell; H: Rex Bell

1st (#16) AFC Waquoit Bayís Lone Arranger O: Len Rentel; H: Len Rentel
2nd (#32) FC AFC CFC CAFC Miss T MH O: Pete Plourde; H: Pete Plourde
3rd (#19) AFTCH Tag Ė Youíre It MH O: Sue Westlake; H: Sue Westlake
4th (#36) AFTCH TMLís Light the Lamp O: Bill Kennedy; H: Bill Kennedy
RJ (#25) Longshot Striker O: Bob Willow; H: Bob Willow

#10 Docís Evening Star O: W. James Smith; H: W. James Smith
#18 Colonial Outer Banks Winchester MH O: Michael Nelson; H: Mike Coutu
#31 Docís Snap Trap Contessa O: W. James Smith; H: W. James Smith
#37 Colonialís Bad Influence O: Mike Coutu; H: Mike Coutu
#38 Captainís Waterstrike Gunship O: Dan Rice H: Dan Rice

1st (#20) Renegade Bullet Proof O: Brenda Lokey; H: Rick Millheim
2nd (#13) AKís Money in the Bank O: Van & Jennifer Ames; H: Van Ames
3rd (#1) Black Mist Smoke O: George Amenabar H: Lois Munroe
4th (#2) Twistin Dyna Mike Jr. O: Bob Lachowski; H: Rick Millheim
RJ (#17) Chocktawís Piscataquis Sebec SH O: J& R Chute; H: Judy Chute

#6 Heart & Soulís Lone Ranger O: Patricia & Thomas Look; H: Lois Munroe
#10 Peakebrookís Playín For All the Marbles O: Bill Brownstein; H: Bill Brownstein