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: Iowa school shooting drill canceled after threat

03-28-2011, 08:38 AM

An Iowa training drill involving a mock school shooting by a teen venting anger over illegal immigration was canceled Friday after authorities said a real shooting was threatened at the high school where the drill was to take place
The drill has gained attention amid concerns raised by groups opposed to illegal immigration that say the fictitious scenario had a political agenda in featuring a teen with ties to a white supremacist group and gun enthusiasts who was angry about immigration issues.

As a former EMT, I understand the need for realistic training in large scale drills. But don't you think that this "white supremacist scenario" goes a little too far, in order to get the DHS funds for "terrorism"? The drill's director Doug Reed said Thursday that the scenario is "completely fictitious"but it looks to me like it came straight our of the RWE threat assessment from a couple of years ago.

Purposely divisive & inflammatory or just plausible current events?