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: How pathetic must the Wisconsin teachers be?

Uncle Bill
04-05-2011, 02:16 PM
Today, with their support, they might elect a real witch to their supreme court, as a 'get even' with their Governor they had supported for election, until he came out with the truth of how and why the state is in debt. Unless it gets corrected, that debt will continue to grow beyond what anyone can fix. The teachers ox suddenly wasn't sacred, so they are retaliating.'s all about the children.

American Federation of Teachers Local 212 union officials neatly summed it up in a letter to members: "A Kloppenburg victory would swing the balance to our side. A vote for [incumbent justice David] Prosser is a vote for Walker. It's time to get even."

Do any of you wonder how that state can recover and get outa debt with that form of mentality?

Today is one of the most important days we as a nation, and Wisconsin as a state, will ever experience.