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: Means Testing, Entitlements & Mission Creep

Marvin S
04-09-2011, 12:03 PM
If SS, Medicare were paid for by the participants, mostly, why is medicaid usually lumped in that same category as an entitlement when the politico's are expounding?

If someone works, saves & generally provides for their own welfare why should they be means tested when it comes to receiving the benefits of a program they were required to join?

In this mornings paper there is a comment in the veterans section about a 6 Bil saving which will be generated by not provided free care for non service related conditions for those who have the means to pay for it themselves. If a person has a non service related condition, why is the Veterans Administration treating it, regardless of ability to pay?

Churches were made Tax Exempt for a freedom to worship as they saw fit, but they were also made Tax Exempt with an implied humanitarian duty. Like many except the SA they seem to have forgotten that requirement, should they lose that exemption?