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: Verizon Samsung 4G mobile hotspot

04-17-2011, 11:01 AM
I upgraded all my electronic equipment this month after agonizing if i really wanted to re up another Verizon but the cancellation fee is a killer...

anyhow got a new HP 17in laptop, a 3G BlackBerry and the Samsung 4GMobile Hotspot

the 4G Hotspot is fast, very fast,almost dont realize that you are wireless (even though I keep it connected via a USB cable) but as advertised you can connect multiple units at the same time..

the only down side is make sure you get the biggest data plan you can afford, I was lucky to have my old unlimited plan grandfathered in. I got a warning email that I had gone thru 75% of my allotment so I had to call Verizon to find out the problem....seems when you surf the net and stream videos (you tube, Hulu,news feeds) the modem will broadcast in 4G bandwith and run up you bill

Will find out next month just how good the signal is at a FT site