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: Lincoln Trail RC Info with Flooding Info

05-03-2011, 03:35 PM
With the number of calls received about the upcoming trial and massive flooding here and across the Miss Valley, we thought it best to post up for ease of travel. We will be updating in the following days to come, if any changes occur. If you know of any new information pertaining to closures that we are unaware of, feel free to send us the info and it will added/updated.

HWY 358-Ogden Landing Road(at the Pugh's Midway store) & KY 725 are closed. So DO NOT take KY 305(exit 3)
All non interstate bridges and roads are closed between the grounds and Cairo, IL. Therefore, anyone who normally comes via the US 60 bridge will need to detour through two ways: from Dyersburg, TN and up US 51/US 45 corridor to Mayfield, KY.(US 51 north of Fulton, KY IS closed) or take I-57 to IL 146(Anna exit) and then east to 146 to Vienna, then south on I-24
To get to the grounds from I-24: take US-60(exit 4), turn west on US-60 for 7 miles, then turn north onto KY 996(Metropolis Lake Rd) for 3.2 miles, turn west onto KY 358(Ogden Landing Rd) for 2.7 miles look for signs. You can also visually see here

This is the wettest we have seen WKWMA(trial grounds). The rule has always been to keep two tires on gravel, NOW we ask you to keep four tires on the gravel. NO ONE should attempt to drive a vehicle off of the gravel or pavement. Even ATVs should be driven with caution off road. PLEASE, PLEASE take care of our grounds. We are always trying to improve and/or change the property for the better. We sure don't want to lose the grounds, much less give the guys headaches trying to fix problems created by attendees.

Thanks to everyone attending the trial and we wish you the best of luck.

05-03-2011, 06:00 PM
Check here for road closures in the surronding areas or your state that may hurt you travel to the Paducah area: