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: Maryland's Hunt Test 6/4-6/5 update

05-27-2011, 10:41 AM
The draw has been finalized for Maryland's hunt test to be held next weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Also, for those of you who contacted Holiday Inn and asked for a special rate and were told there wasn't one, please recontact them. The issue has been resolved and they are now holding 15 rooms with a special rate of $111 or $119 per night (can't remember which). They will go 1st come/1st serve. Also, this is not a dog friendly hotel until the Master National this fall but they would like your repeat business.

Millie's will have a food truck selling sandwiches etc on Frank Durham's grounds both Saturday and Sunday.

Wendy Buckler

05-27-2011, 04:58 PM
Jr & sr to be held @ Marston Jones' property off Drawbridge road. See updated premium online at entry express. Master A & B to be held at Frank Durham's. Jones' property 10 minutes from Frank's.