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: Ded-Duk & Knobby Duk from N&B.

06-21-2011, 06:50 PM
I ordered and received Ded-Duk's and Knobby Duks from Neumann & Bennetts. I have been eyeing them for a while, decided I wanted to try them after I started finding bits of foam everywhere. I figured that since it was a N&B product, my past experience with their bumpers, it would be good. I was surprised that there was no review or discussion of them anywhere on RTF.

Trained with them today. What can I say, there is not much too them and they seem to work well. I threw it into water, it floated, the dog swam out picked it up. Threw it on land, it bounced on impact, dog ran out picked it up. Tough test eh?

The Ded-Duk is a rubber chicken looking thing that is painted like a mallard. It has a valve on the body, looks like the one on the bumpers. Grab it by the neck and throw. Its a hollow body just like a duck shaped bumper. It feels pretty substantial and fairly 'thick skinned'. I inflated the ded-duk a bit to make it harder.

The Knobby Duk is similar- a duck body carcass shape with a solid plastic head on a rope. Its about the same size as an average duck. There is no valve on the body. It comes with a bead of your color choice on the throw rope too. It feels about the same weight of the Dokken and the Avery. It comes with their scent pad setup too: an adhesive bit of coarse felt that you can apply liquid scent to. I usually put real birds in the bucket to scent the stuff in the bucket anyhow so its not a selling point for me, but to others, it might be beneficial.

The bead is about 1" in diameter and feels like its a good size in your hand to throw. I think its slightly smaller than the one dokkens sells.

The Knobby Duk has the same kind of dimples on its body for grip like their bumpers. The body and species is painted on- that is my only worry, how long the paint might last, but its a training bumper, not a decoy, so not a big deal.

I have never had pickup issues with either the Dokken or the Avery, so I can not say if it will cure aversion to one or the other, but I would imagine that since it appears to be made with the same material like the bumpers, it should not be an issue. N&B seems to stick with USA made non-toxic materials for all of their products so I have no fears that they will be safe for my dogs.

I don't think that you can compare the Ded-duk to a Dokken, its just different. The Knobby is in the Dokken family and I think it will prove to be better depending on how well it holds up. Time will tell.

The Ded-Duk was about $17 with shipping, the Knobby-Duk about $27 with shipping, and mind you it includes the bead on the throw rope.