View Full Version : North Dakota Retriever Club Summer Hunt Test

07-16-2011, 05:31 AM
Congrats to 4 dogs who finished Qual.

Not sure who got 1rst and 4th but know SVRC guys who placed 2nd and 3rd.

Paul Gum and his young dog Miley placed 3rd!

Gary Meeder and Magic placed 2nd!!

Way to make us proud.

joel druley
07-16-2011, 06:12 PM
Any updates from Saturday's events? Thank you.

Dan Tongen
07-18-2011, 08:48 PM
Great job by the club to get everything done with the amount of extreme heat we had to deal with. A job well done by the club


07-19-2011, 09:07 AM
Results are posted on EE.