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: Magical Misery Tour

Raymond Little
08-16-2011, 10:13 AM
A listening tour predicated on hearing what the hinterland thinks should be done to improve the economy and put people back to work. If that does not give one pause nothing will. Barak needs to hear what the average voter thinks should be done?????????? He did not listen when we told him we did not want Obamer Care, Stimlus (shovel ready), or the debt debate, why does he want to listen now????? But, his minons did announce that in September they would put forth some great ideas on how to fix the mess they have caused.:rolleyes:

Gerry Clinchy
08-16-2011, 10:56 AM
Had an interesting conversation this AM with a service rep from Humana.

She has a college degree, is a single parent, living in Brooklyn and using public transportation to get to work.

Fiscal conservatives are under every rock, it seems :-) She believes legislators are "out of touch" with the working middle class. They have no idea of what it means to make ends meet. She thinks they should have their salaries reduced and learn what it is like to be "middle class".

She hears often from seniors who cannot even afford $1 for their meds, and who can barely read, so have little or minimal understanding of all the written materials they must wade through that explain their Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of hardworking NYC citizens like her, and I'm thinking that those people are going to be coming out stronger in favor of fiscal responsibility in upcoming elections.