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: Rep. Conyers asleep during 9/11 speech

09-15-2011, 03:31 PM
guess VP Biden must have been talking..and yes I did cut/paste this :p

Well, at least he wasn't reading Playboy.

An alert Oakland Press photographer caught Detroit Rep. John Conyers napping during the "Remembrance and Unity" candlelight vigil on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn (that's fellow Democrat John Dingell behind him). Conyers has a habit of getting on film in embarrassing ways. The Michigan View caught him ogling the women of Playboy in coach on a flight bound for Washington last year.

"For some of us, 911 is an opportunity to remember those that lost their lives, and that evil does exist in this world, and needs to be met head on," writes Chris Kobus at "For others, it's nappy-nap time."

No doubt such sober ceremonies aren't nearly as entertaining as Democratic Party rallies. Conyers was last on a Detroit stage with President Obama and Jimmy Hoffa on Labor Day when Hoffa lit into tea partiers as "son of a bitches." That term is best reserved for the monsters that brought down the twin towers ten years ago - though Governor Snyder, also attending the 9/11 event, seemed to think the partisanship is the problem.

"Our country is not what it should be today because we fight too much, argue too much," said the governor whose fiscally-prudent budget passed without a single Democratic vote. "It's a time for unity. It's a time for understanding. It's a time to find common ground."

Then again, no wonder Conyers was asleep.

From The Detroit News: