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: CBS debate- Candidates short changed on time

11-13-2011, 05:41 AM
I did not get to watch the SoCarolina debate, have been looking for the transcripts, but it was revealed (by Fox News) that CBS purposely limited the time allotted for candidates Bachmann and Ron Paul

Now I may not be a fan of either, but if you are going to have a debate, I dont want the host/media having an agenda and deciding who we will see and who gets to answer what questions and who doesnt...this is wrong on so many also shows how dishonest the media can be on controlling the "news"

as long as they invite candidate _______ then that candidate should be allowed equal time as candidate A that is polling double digits..its only fair, if they are not a legit candidate , then dont invite them...


Gerry Clinchy
11-13-2011, 01:45 PM
Bon, you can watch the whole debate (any of them) online. Just google the republican debates. There is one website which has the entire video on all the debates. And this website has the entire debate from last night.

It was stated at the start that the moderators would direct the questions to specific candidates. At one point Santorum stated that the question posed was so important that each candidate should be allowed to respond to it.

In the end, it did not seem that the low-point candidates got short-changed too much ... except, perhaps, RP. Huntsman made some good points. Bachman had nothing new to say. Considering Cain's high position in the polls, I didn't think that he got as much time as Romney. But I didn't time them, so it might just be a perception.

Gerry Clinchy
01-08-2012, 04:45 PM
Anybody else watch the Jan 7 debate? I just watched it on my computer.

All of them seemed pretty feisty this go-round.