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: Military Preparedness

Gerry Clinchy
12-10-2011, 09:16 AM

I'm sure that many don't want to hear what Oliver North has to say, but there are some truths in his statements.

I agree with RP that we should have kept our noses out of both Egypt and Libya's civil wars. There are myriad mistakes one can recount about US meddling when it would have been better to simply give "moral" support to those who favored democratic government and human rights. As it turns out, we gave a lot more than moral support ... and it appears that we may have only supported more anti-Americanism among those who took control of those countries.

North certainly rings true on having allowed the League of Nations and the United Nations to tell the US what to do to protect itself. I think Reagan did prove there was some value in "peace through strength".

I also believe, though, that we can cut the "fat" out of the military budget without impugning the strength. Perhaps the military would even help do that if they knew that there was a commitment to keeping the military strong to avoid military confrontations that cost so many lives? Just as there were men of conscience in the Fast & Furious scam, I believe that there are men of conscience in our military. If we would only listen to them ... instead of demoting them.