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: (CA) LuAnn Pleasant Benefit Workshop March 29th-April1st

Missy Bell
12-15-2011, 12:21 PM
Mike Lardy is doing a benefit workshop in California to help with LuAnn's cancer treatment.

At this years National Mike approached me and said he would like to do a benefit workshop for Luann Pleasant and asked me what I thought.
LuAnn is facing various stages of treatment to combat melanoma cancer. Her friends were looking for a way to help Luann, and her mother, Donna, as they face an uncertain future. LuAnn is a great trainer and friend to the entire community so the words that came into my mind were: "CARPE DIEM"

The date was secured:
MARCH 29th-APRIL 1st 2012
The absolutely fantastic grounds were chosen:
BOATRIGHT/GOODRICH RANCH - site of this year's National Open.
The workshop will focus on Transition/Advanced retrievers.

The enthusiasm is overflowing. We are already receiving observer registrations and handler applications. We have and continue to receive great raffle prizes. All being a positive testament to how much everyone wants to help Luann and Donna.

Please consider attending. If you can’t be there, but you’d like to contribute to the cause, you may register as an honorary observer.

For details go to:http://www.totalretriever.com/index....162&Itemid=145
If you have questions that aren't answered on the website please email me at pleasantbenefit@gmail.com.

Missy Bell