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Marvin S
01-04-2012, 10:17 PM
How do you as a voter respond to endorsement claims by a candidate or those endorsements a candidate receives?

In elections up to through State level any union endorsement is an automatic turnoff for myself & my wife. State employes, first responders, teachers unions specifically.

At the national level - I have certain people whose opinion I respect & am occasionally surprised - for example Steve Forbes endorsing Perry, but I guess the Flat Tax is important to SF as it is to me. McCain's endorsement of Mitt is to me more of a curse than a blessing, but I will be interested in who DeMint endorses.

We will see what it looks like after FL's primary :). Hope there is still a contest after that :cool:.

01-04-2012, 10:39 PM
Endorsements dont mean squat, in fact I think they hurt more than help..if I were Mitt R. the last person I want endorsing me is the RINO J.McCain,especially when you are trying to say you are a conservative...notice how no one is looking for the Palin endorsement, or even the Bush 43 one...not sure anyone wants one from the Donald either

but apparently the endorsement from the Iowa leader for family values paid off for Santorum

When I was in HS, I worked part time for Knotts Berry Farm, its owner Walter was a Goldwater conservative (some even say a john bircher) anyhow we would always get a letter at election time with a list of the candidates he supported, my mother who was also employed by the Farm would bring that letter with her to the polling place, except I know she voted for a Dem ( Ken Cory) every time he ran for office,little did we know that we would be friends with him in field trials later on in life

for some reason I listened to Rush/Hannity/Ingraham the last couple of days and they are all jumping on the Santorum bandwagon..its almost like 08 again...