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: Obama's Campaign Strategy

Gerry Clinchy
01-05-2012, 09:48 PM
So while Congress is away, the POTUS will play ... by making recess appointments that would have been hard to get confirmed. Supposedly Congress is really still in session since the House did not give permission to adjourn, raising a question as to whether a "recess appointment" could actually be made. And the appointments are ones that are pleasing to unions and far left (Cordray).

Then he announces the military budget cuts. Statement today was that personnel will decrease by about 80,000, mostly due to decreasing forces in Iraq & A'stan. That will make people happy on both right and left. Wonder where the jobs will come from to put those fellas to work in the private sector? If unemployment is still high in November, that could hurt Obama.

Looks like Iraq will be burning by election time. Wonder how that will spin with voters? Withdrawals from A'stan right around the same election time. Was he actually thinking about the timing when he formulated the schedule for withdrawal?

Will not be pretty when the SS "holiday" ends at the end of Feb. and people see their paychecks shrink. But if it had been extended until the end of 2012, the shock wouldn't come until AFTER the election.

We have been highly focused on the R candidates, but Obama is going to have to do some tap-dancing, too.