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Marvin S
01-29-2012, 07:07 PM
Just finished reading a book titled "Street Corner Conservative" by William F Gavin copyright 1975

After reading the book & the diverse opinions expressed so well on this forum I am of the conclusion that most of us fit the mold :o. The book talks about the union movement, which as described I can support, just not as it is today with the Public Employee unions. Even FDR opposed those :cool: & he did not support much that was not oriented toward bigger governement.

We are creatures of the overall culture in which we were raised, that somehow doesn't seem to change in a majority of cases. Chapter 6, "What Is It You People Want, Anyway?" says a whole lot about what is happening in this election.

01-29-2012, 09:13 PM
So much has happened in the last 36 years or so. Remembering back to that time, we were still enthralled to the promise of a Great Society. The War on Poverty was going to eliminate illiteracy, hunger, and illegitimacy. President Carter had not yet set in motion the spiral of fuel scarcity and high prices. The debt was not nearly as mind-boggling as it is now. The moral depravity of the Woodstock generation (mine) had not yet seen the harvest of the wild oats they had sown (AIDs, genital herpes, not to mention the demise of the family). Carter had not yet proven the cultural impotence of progressivism and radical Islam had not yet emerged.

If that book was prescient then... and it was... why are we still electing people like those in our White House and Senate?

And is it not time for us to get off the Street Corner and into our political process to primary liberal incumbents and elect young and aggressive constitutionalists?