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: Gitmo Hearing

Gerry Clinchy
05-06-2012, 02:08 PM
Has anyone else been following this?

The defense attorney is wearing Muslim dress, and has requested any other women at the site do the same so that her clients to not have their focus interfered with due to averting their eyes from women in the room.

Wonder if this bothered the hijackers on those four planes? Did they have to avert their eyes from the women in order to concentrate on their goal?

However, the defendants have already demonstrated many other losses of focus by praying, leafing through a magazine, etc.

Critics say that the tribunal is unfair because of the secrecy of Gitmo. Like they could get a fairer trial if they were in NYC in a more public court? Probably less chance of media hype and circus atmosphere at Gitmo.

If non-Muslims were being tried in a Muslim court for similar crimes, would they get even a fraction of the courtesy these defendants are getting?

I'm all in favor of them getting the fairest trial possible, because that is what our values dictate. Still can be frustrating to watch the defendants spit at those values.

Article I read cited that one of these fellows was waterboarded 183 times. Wonder if there is truth to that, and whether it will come up later in the proceedings to be verified.