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: Mortgage mess and big banks playing chicken

05-11-2012, 06:20 PM
So as far as I'm concerned you signed your mortgage you agreed to the price so shut the heck up.
The big banks are being wimps and runnning scared so what does at least one of the biggies do?
They send their best clients an offer to refi no closing costs, no appraisal, no lawyers fees nothing. There estimate 60 % equity. Sign on the dotted line and you can have a 20 year fixed (19 years left on on 30 year 7 year arm)
Estimated savings per the bank ZERO ADD 20K
Really???? Stop kissing BUMFACES ASS!!!!
BUace better stop messing with making me pay or be responsible for some elses mortgage. They signed they pay. NO darn write downs!!!!!