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: P.O. Box rates - big increase

05-13-2012, 11:33 AM
The USPS is in financial trouble. They made proposals last year and placed into motion closing thousands of rural post offices and going to 5-day delivery. The Senate Committee opposes this and have made other suggestions to save money. The post office is changing its plan. I have been watching the hearings and I watched a presentation made last Wed. by the Post Master General and the Operations Manager as to what their revised changes are regarding rural post offices. Next week they are going to present what they plan to do regarding closing mail processing centers.

At no time was raising the p.o. box rates mentioned.

I am the treasurer of one retriever club who has had a p.o. box for years. Several years ago the annual cost of their box was $40. Last year it was $44. I just got a it is due notice and it is now $76.

$44 to $76 for one year? I called the p.o. to make sure no mistake was made as we had not received any notice that the rate would be raised. No mistake was made. Our box is now $76. and it is due now. Had to pay it.


05-13-2012, 11:47 AM
$32 dollar increase in one year...thats just not right...the Postmaster General has some explaining to do..ole Ben Franklin is turning in his grave