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: Gallup Poll: What Muslims Think

Gerry Clinchy
05-27-2012, 10:39 AM

This is an hour long, but a very thoughtful essay based on a worldwide Gallup Poll of Muslims. I found it worth watching in its entirety.

I was struck by a few points especially:
1) The perception of the US is greatly influenced by our compromising our values. When we support the oppressive Muslim govts we lower our perception to those countries' populations. We'd have a better perception by the populations if we held true to our touted values. Probably also get more respect from those "strong men" in power as well (the latter my own opinion).

What would have happened in Nam, if we had said to the corrupt southern govt: Shape up, or we ship out. What would have happened in Egypt had we done that with Mubarrak before the uprising there? We always seem to sell out our values for perceived security ... in the end we have neither our values, nor security.

I think I would rather see us take some risks involved in producing our own energy than to subjugate our values of personal freedoms to the corrupt and oppressive govts of the energy sources we deal with now. At least we would be standing up for the values we "say" we espouse.

2) Canada is perceived MUCH more favorably than the US. I suspect that is because the US is so much more visible as a "power". While Canada has a modern military, they are not usually the initiator of military alliances in the way the US is. It stands to reason that Canada would not be in the forefront for these respondents. It is not our western-type culture that engenders a poor impression, it is the "power" of the US. I think it is human nature to not like those we fear.

3) In the Muslim world BOTH men and women believe in equality for women by a LARGE majority!

4) Muslim radicals are as representative of the Muslim "man on the street" as much as the KKK is representative of our US population. Even those who may not like a particular ethnic group, do not go about killing them. Many people are passionately opposed to abortion, but only a very few will bomb an abortion clinic. The violent fringes that grab headlines are not necessarily the majority.

5) Muslims find it possible to condemn terrorism within the context of their Sharia law! As with other religious groups, as they have evolved, the religious principles have been "warped" to serve nefarious practices (like The Inquisition and the Crusades?).

6) Cultures may originate with religious beliefs, but eventually, even those who drop the religious faithfulness will maintain the cultural "customs". Even an atheist will cite "The Golden Rule." Of the more radical people interviewed in the poll, NONE of them cited the Koran for their radical position.

I'm kind of disappointed that our present POTUS, who lived in the Muslim culture, has not been more of an effective "bridge" between these cultural differences.