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: LOcal media liberal censorship beyond it

06-06-2012, 01:05 PM
I commented on a local property tax increase much of which was to offer Sunday bus service. I said nothing other than why should I pay more for property taxes for this vs charging the users of the bus service for the expanded service most of whom do not pay property taxes. Both of my charge the user comments were deleted. All I said was why should I pay and making me pay was pure socialism. I used no bad language.
If the local paper calls me one more time and trying to talk me into paying for their rag again I may go postal.
The only reason I had my sub as long as I did was because my elderly parents who are here for a few weeks a year enjoy a morning paper. Other than that it gets tossed unopen in the trash can.
Every time the call and I tell them to stop calling I tell them to shove there liberal crap where the sun does not shine. Told them when they stop kissing DEms butts maybe they will get me back.
HOw do you get rid of these liberal crazy fools?