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: Something us over 55 should think about.

Uncle Bill
06-08-2012, 11:21 AM
While I've always known how many lefties run the AARP, and have never joined that organization, many of my friends have. They recently have discovered the liberal leanings of that group also. Some of you may have heard about the conservative organization for the elderly, AMAC...mebbe an ad on TV or radio by Chuck Woolery. Here's some additional info for those that might want to know, or aren't informed as to the differences of the two groups.


What's the difference between AMAC and AARP??

The Constitution... they think it is out of date....We think it is the greatest document ever devised by man for the governance of man.

Big Government... they are for more government.....We think there is too much government and wasted spending.

Social Security... they are scaring older people to get members........AMAC has brought to Congress a solution to keep Social Security Solvent!

ObamaCare... they pushed for it and stand to gain millions from their insurance sales........We know it will result in rationing and are fighting to repeal it.

Our National Debt... they are ignoring it... We are pushing to reduce spending, cut departments and getting our fiscal house in order.

They are part of the Liberal Media... AMAC publishes a national magazine that prints both sides of an argument in a fair and balanced way.

If you want an organization that will speak out for the values you believe in, Join AMAC today! (

What has AMAC done so far?

• Proposed a simple common sense solution to solve the Social Security Crisis. It has been reviewed by experts and hailed as a “no brainer.”
• AMAC is meeting with staffers of key legislators of both the Senate and the House to explain our proposal and gain support.
• Roll Call, the influential Washington Newspaper has published an Op Ed by Dan Weber, outlining AMAC’s Social Security solution.
• AMAC has started a petition to “Save Social Security Now.”

What else has happened?

AMAC launched it's National campaign to "Protect Our Religious Freedom" in response to President Obama's HHS Mandate which forces aall employer health plans to provide free contreceptives, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs, regardless of any moral or religious objections.

AMAC has started a protest to have Bill Maher’s TV show cancelled after he used the F word in describing the reaction of Jesus to Tim Tebow.

The House Ways and Means committee held hearings about how AARP stands to make hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties from their support of ObamaCare.

AMAC has sent out millions of letters/emails calling for the Defunding of ObamaCare and its ultimate repeal.

And “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

If the Association of Mature Americans- AMAC sounds like the kind of organization you like... If you agree that we need someone fighting against Big Government, High Taxes, a Huge Deficit and a National Debt that could plunge us into another Great Depression... (

Dan Weber has spoken on over 120 radio interviews in 2011 talking about AMAC, but he can’t do it alone!
Help us reach the goal of 1 Million members by this November!!

For only $16/year you will also be entitled to membership discounts and save on auto insurance, health coverage, life insurance and on line shopping.

We promise we’ll work for you to protect the good old fashioned values of Faith, Family and individual Freedom.

You and thousands like you must stand up for our country - the larger AMAC becomes, the more positive influence we’ll have.