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: DOJ hearings: Eric Holder

06-12-2012, 02:06 PM
I have watched in entirety 3 of the 9 DOJ hearings. I am amazed by some of Eric Holder's responses to questions and I am further amazed that he and his department can ignore letters from congressmen requesting information (not just on Fast and Furious, but to other concerns they have). I am further amazed that Eric Holder can refuse to respond to a congressional subpoena for specific information regarding Fast and Furious. That subpoena was issued last October. Mr. Holder's department has provided over 7,000 documents, but not THE documents that were requested.

Last week Mr. Holder was asked exactly how many guns went into Mexico during Fast and Furious. He could not provide a specific answer. He had an "about" figure. He was asked how many were actually tracked (which was the purpose of Fast and Furious). Again, he could give only an "about" figure. If I recall his answer correctly, only 1/6 of the guns sold to the Mexican cartels were actually tracked by U.S. officials who were in charge of the program. I have yet to hear why this program was approved by the DOJ if they would not follow through with it to determine where the guns went. Also, neither the Mexican government or our own State Department was notified of the existence of this program.

Nobody has been fired; a few operatives in Arizona were transferred to other jobs. Mr. Holder will not say who at the DOJ gave the OK to run this operation and I don't think it has been revealed who in Washington DC was actually in charge of it. Since I have not watched all 9 DOJ hearings, is there anyone on RTF who has some answers?

Keep in mind, taxpayers paid for thousands of guns to be walked into Mexico. Hundreds (thousands?) of man hours were involved which taxpayers paid for. It was a foolhardy, ill conceived, and poorly managed and executed program. Somebody high in the DOJ authorized it, but Mr. Holder will not allow the Oversight Committee to know who that was.

Regarding selecting two U.S. attorneys to investigate the national security leaks, I do not agree with Mr. Holder's refusal to appoint independent counsel. These two attorneys work for the DOJ and report to Eric Holder. They are not independent. Because of this, their findings will be suspect no matter what they find as there are many who believe that the trail will lead 1. to and through the DOJ and 2. to White House staff and security personnel. There could be criminal charges. Mr. Holder believes that his Dept. should investigate itself. I disagree.


Raymond Little
06-12-2012, 03:22 PM
Helen, isn't it so different now than when W was in office? Leaks were done to embarrass the president, now they are to make him look like a leader. What has changed in 4 years other than now it's their guy in office (MEDIA). The sound you hear is all the air coming out of the "One's" reelection balloon.