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: Nash Buckingham Rod and Gun Club- Own a Significant Piece of Duck Hunting History

06-13-2012, 01:43 PM
The Nash Buckingham Rod and Gun Club is a rare opportunity to own a very significant piece of duck hunting history, Beaverdam Lake. Nash Buckingham, the Hemingway of the hunting world, hunted this property all his life and wrote many famous stories of his hunts. His father was a founding member of Beaver Dam Ducking Club in 1883 which was the oldest duck hunting club in the US. Ducks have visited Beaver Dam Lake for centuries on their migration south. The cypress lined oxbow cutoff of the Mississippi River has become a place of legend. The majority of Beaverdam lake is owned by one family so there may never be another chance to buy into a club with such a long history of duck hunting. I want to carry out the tradition of the old Beaverdam Ducking Club and Nash Buckingham by establishing the Nash Buckingham Rod and Gun Club with the purchase of a 157-acre portion of Beaverdam Lake.

My family has many ties to Beaverdam and Nash Buckingham that make me very passionate about carrying out and preserving these traditions. My grandfather used to live down the street from Buckingham in Memphis and would lend his hunting dogs to him. I grew up duck hunting at Beaverdam since my father and godfather were members of the famed Beaverdam and Duck Club. I had my very 1st duck hunt there! Nash Buckingham lived and was buried in Memphis. My family has also lived in Memphis for seven generations so I am very devoted to preserving the history of the Memphis area. I feel very privileged to be able to organize this club that will insure that we club members will be able to hunt in this magical place the rest of our lives. We will also be able to transmit this legacy to our sons and daughters. With such a unique opportunity, I plan to put together a select group of fine gentlemen and sportsmen with a common passion of preserving a very old tradition.

Sound like an awesome place and treasure!? Well, wait to you hear the price! I am doing this for no monetary profit and only to preserve a great place to hunt for generations to come. There will be a total of 16 members each holding an undivided 1/16th equity interest in this 157 acre section of Beaverdam Lake. The initial investment is $25,000 per member plus an annual fee of $5,000 per member to cover maintenance, improvements and debt service.

Through a corporate structure the members will govern the management and expenditures of the Nash Buckingham Rod and Gun Club.
Beaverdam Lake has been a fantastic hunting spot for over 120 years and we can keep it that way. Like minded connoisseurs of history and hunting will enjoy the Nash Buckingham Rod and Gun Club. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I look forward to hunting with you this upcoming season. Please contact me and I'll be glad to ask any questions that you may have.

Best regards,

Robert Rutherford Milner, III

Pictures of the Property, Old Pictures of Buckingham and Pictures from the Ducks Unlimited HQ Lobby are in this link. The waxed figures are of Nash Buckingham writing in the Beaverdam Log Book at the old Beaverdam club. Many other items including “Bo Whoop” are on display in the DU Lobby:

A few of many articles written about Beaverdam and Nash Buckingham:

Article on Buckingham's famous "Bo Whoop" gun in the Garden and Gun magazine.
"With the buyer’s premium, the final cost came to $201,250, the third-highest sum ever paid for an American shotgun."