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: PPRC FT July 20-22 Event Info and ***JUDGES CHANGE***

07-03-2012, 09:50 AM
The FT closes MONDAY July 9th. Please note this is an early closing.

PPRC had to make a judges change for the Qualifying and Derby which have been approved by the AKC. The new judging panel for the Qualifying and Derby will be:


Greg Seddon
Barb Branstad


Greg Seddon
Ken McCartney

Thank you Barb and Ken for stepping up and filling out the judge's panel at the last minute!

PPRC has a RV camping space available at the KOA due to the judges change - it is approximately $40 a night and is reserved for Thursday-Sunday. Unfortunately the reservation is non-refundable and the club would like to try and not loose money. So if you are planning to attend and need an RV camp site close to the trial grounds, please contact me. &19-338-8573 or lkshinsato@gmail.com

Also a few reminders. Due to the extremely dry conditions in Colorado the fire danger is very, very high! No one under any circumstances should turn around their vehicles in any field, but you should drive to an intersection and turn around there or take the long way around when going from stake to stake. Also everyone will need to park in designated areas and/or with two tires on the road (leave space so people can get by). Also absolutely no smoking on the trial grounds unless you are in enclosed your vehicle.

Lastly, anyone caught doing anything that would put the use of the various properties we secured for this years trial in jeopardy of future use will be asked to leave the trial grounds. Please read the premium in regard to this issue.

07-19-2012, 07:02 PM
Change in venue, sort of....the Open will be at Cherlyon's (county road 62) and the Qual will be at the Jensen's (county road 64 (also nunn road) and road 5) see premium for directions...or contact me via txt at 719-338-8573