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: Northeast Arkansas Daily Lease opportunities

Fowl Habit Outdoors
08-13-2012, 04:04 PM
Fowl Habit Outdoors is proud to announce our sponsorship of RTF and we are excited to offer our services to the membership of this great site. My name is Josh Foster, my partner Brandon Rogers, and I operate a daily lease service with some great fields in Northeast Arkansas. We are Hunters and Retriever trainers ourselves and we realize that sometimes good hunting opportunities are hard to find. For some people yearly leases and expensive clubs may be more than your budget can handle, be it time or money.
This is where Fowl Habit Outdoors can help. We provide quality fields, that have been rested, with a brushed pit and decoys for you to hunt the way you want.
We do not overbook and limit our hunts to two groups per weekend. You will not be placed in a pit with other hunters because we do not mix groups. Your field is leased for the day from shooting time to shooting time, so you will not have to quit at noon. Basically we want you to hunt the way you want to, and we strive to provide the best hunting experience possible.

As of now the dates we still have open are as follows:

November 17, 18 One group available
23,24,25 Two Groups available

December 7,8,9 One Group available
14,15,16 One Group available

January 18,19,20 One Group available
25,26,27 Two Groups available

Please visit us online by clicking on our banner at the bottom of the page and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Since becoming a sponsor I have changed my username and will have to fulfill the post count requirement in order to PM, so until that time you can contact me either through the website or by email.

Again, we are pleased to be involved as Sponsors of the RTF and look forward to meeting some of you. We would also like to thank Chris Atkinson for being such a pleasure to work with and for running such a class act.