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: Russian ships displayed at DNC tribute to vets

Dustin D
09-12-2012, 12:14 PM

Based on this specific group of these ship types, one naval expert concluded that this was most likely a photo of the Black Sea Fleet.

*Ships are all Black Sea Fleet,* A. D. Baker III, a retired Office of Naval Intelligence analyst, told Navy Times after looking at the image. *These four ships, at the time the photo was taken, constituted the entire major surface combatant component of the Black Sea Fleet,* Baker said, noting the photo was likely to be six years old or older. (The Kerch is now on the list to be scrapped, Baker said.)

Barker, the former sailor who first spotted the errors, believes the seven aircraft streaking by are F-5 jets, a trainer used by the U.S. Navy. Asked to explain how he reached that conclusion, the former airplane spotter ticked off a list: *Twin engine, single rudder, with hard points on the wingtips, with that silhouette is going to make them F-5s.*

Larger Photo ( f5e99818bad3914840dad47b46&ec_rate=300)