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: Fast & Furious: who knew what and when did they know it?

09-13-2012, 12:22 PM
The congressional hearing wherein the inspector general of the DOJ will appear before the Oversight Committee is currently scheduled for next Wed.; however, if the DOJ does not finish reviewing it and removing portions from it, the revised report may not get turned in to the Oversight Committee in time to have the hearing next Wed.

Whenever the report becomes public (may try to stall until after the election), I hope you will have a piece of paper and pencil handy to follow the bouncing balls in case some of the names of who knew what, who approved what, and who did nothing about it at the DOJ are still in the report.

Leaks say that at least 2 DOJ deputies in Washington knew and approved and one advisor in the White House knew per memos and other documents provided to the IG. The White House refused to allow the WH person to appear before previously held Oversight Committee hearings.

The report will lay most of the blame on three ATF personnel in Phoenix -- Phoenix agent in charge Bill Newell, Phoenix supervisor Dave Voth, and Case Agent Hope MacCallister. All three have said that the entire ATF chain of command were aware of everything they did. In March 2010, Dave Voth gave a detailed briefing in Washington to ATF officials. Two DOJ deputy attorneys were present at this briefing. As far as I have been able to research, their names have not been released. Earlier reports have already said that the head of ATF Melson knew about it. He is no longer the head of ATF.

ATF is under the Dept of Justice. Since Melson knew and sent memos about F & F to his boss (who is his boss at the DOJ?), we know ATF was well aware of what was going on with this operation and so were higher ups at the DOJ.

About ICE's involvement... I am also interested in knowing who knew what and when at Homeland Security. Janet Napolitano appeared at a hearing and swore she knew nothing about it. If so, ICE supervisors under her did not tell their boss. However, ICE was involved so how high up the chain of command in ICE did this go?

As I said, start writing down the names, the positions they held, and who their bosses were so you can follow the chain of command in all of these agencies who were involved in Fast and Furious.


09-13-2012, 01:16 PM
More about ATF's Phoenix field supervisor William Newell and Phoenix agent Dave Voth. These are two people the IG will report who were most responsible for F & F (along with case agent Hope McCallister of the ATF office in Phoenix).

According to the LA Times, in early August Newell and Voth were given ATF promotions to new positions in Washington. ATF denies they were promoted. ATF said Newell and Voth were "laterally transferred". No mention of what has happened to case agent Hope McCallister.

William Newell's ATF supervisor was William McMahon. He appeared at an Oversight Committee hearing and admitted "we made mistakes". ATF has promoted McMahon to deputy assistant director for the ATF's office of professional responsibility and security operations in Washington. This DOJ/ATF department investigates misconduct by agency employees (how appropriate).

But now the IG report will say Newell and Voth (along with case agent Hope McCallister) were responsible for F& F. All three are not falling on their swords willingly. All three have lawyered up. Their lawyers are saying that they are ATF scapegoats to protect the higher up in the ATF chain of command.

As I said, get a paper and start writing down names and the positions they held so you can follow the chain of command beyond Phoenix to Washington into ATF and the Dept of Justice.