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: Some questions asked before judging fts

09-14-2012, 06:07 PM
The following are questions I have been asked by senior judges as we were getting ready for our judging assaignment as well as questions I ask of my co judge to insure we are on the same page in regards to these issues. All questions have answers in the current rule book. As an aside I am always surprised at how many judges ( both experienced and new) either do not have a copy of teh current rule book or have not recently read it.

-can dogs honor on lead?
-in the derby whenis the leash or collar to be removed?
- how old must gunners be and what must they do before gunning at a trial?
-in which direction should gunners retire?
-what should a blind that gunners/throwers retire to look like?
-what is the difference between natural abilities and trained abilities? How does this apply to the derby?
-what does the rule book say about intimidation? Threatening jestures? What is the difference?
-what posture should the handler assume once they have signaled for the birds untill the dogs number has been given?
- how many times might a dog refuse a cast into rough cover/unpleasant conditions/water before it is grounds for elimination?
-what is confusion? What does it look like?
-What is a switch? What does it look like
-what is the difference between a no go on blinds and marks?
-what does no bird mean...why is it called. How should we respond ( this last part for discussion)?
-how do we regard a handle on a mark?
-how many whistle refusals before considered a moderate fault?

You might consider answering these qustions without the aid of the rule book then again with it?

-what is a cast refusal and what does it look like?
- what is popping and what does it look like?
-what is the difference between a pop on a blind and a pop on a mark?
-when should a dog be dropped while honoring?

09-14-2012, 07:46 PM
In reading this post, the name of the dog in your avatar sounded familiar. It ends up she is my current pups Great Grandmother. Belle looks and sounds like she was a great dog!

Hopefully my skills as a trainer are up to the task of being able to achieve even half of what Belle did! :)

Northern Skies
09-15-2012, 02:15 PM
Unbelieverable.... - thanks for sharing.