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: Something positive from tax dollars

Gerry Clinchy
10-03-2012, 03:06 PM

This brilliant doctor started his ascendant career with a $2 million grant from NASA in the early 80s for stem cell research.

I'm sure he's repaid that grant many times over with the wealth, jobs, and life-saving therapies he's created. The latest is a fiber optic network that will allow doctors to identify the DNA of a tumor within a minute!

Along the way, he became a billionaire businessman and a generous philanthropist. Somebody should have asked him how to improve health care before the legislation was written. His newest innovation will be a great help ... cancer treatments can be more successful and effective as a result of his entrepreneurship.

And on Wednesday in Washington DC, Soon-Shiong and his L.A.-based NantHealth will unveil a joint venture with Verizon, Intel, Blue Shield of California and others to create a nationwide system for doctors to share DNA and other data on cancer patients. It will enable doctors to do genetic analysis of a patient's tumor in less than a minute -- a job that now can take from eight to 10 weeks.

"This is something the federal government should have done, but we waited and waited for them," Soon-Shiong told Reuters in an interview.

"It's unconscionable that cancer patients get the wrong diagnosis 30 percent of the time and that it takes so long to treat them with appropriate drugs for their cancer."