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: (CA) HRC Hunt test & HRC judges Seminar

10-11-2012, 04:13 PM
Prado Basin HRC, will be hosting California's 2nd HRC hunt test Nov. 3-4, so if your in the area come on down


1. Go to browse hunt Calendar, select HRC then scroll down to

11/03/2012 Prado Basin HRC 2012 Fall Hunt Saturday
11/04/2012 Prado Basin HRC 2012 Fall Hunt Sunday

Signing up in advance means we get a better count for birds, dinners, etc. We will still have day of sign-ups, as are HRC tradition, but the hunt-test secretary will be very grateful to those who choose to use the online entry ;)

Also Friday Nov. 2nd PBHRC will be hosting a judges-handlers seminar, which is free to handlers and prospective judges, it will be in Chino Hills, near Prado dog park. Rules pamphlets and notebooks will be available for $5, or can be printed out at http://www.huntingretrieverclub.org/Judges%20Folder/Seminar%20Manual.pdf

If you plan on attending the Seminar please contact PBHRC Vice President Kelly Greenwood @ kzunell2@yahoo.com for directions etc. we'd like to ensure we bring enough chairs.