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: You were warned: Obama’s layoff bomb goes BOOM!

Eric Johnson
11-08-2012, 04:08 PM

This is just the beginning.

In case you missed it, Boeing announced massive layoffs and facilities closures yesterday. More: Small business owners are dropping the axe as they brace for the costs and burdens of Obamacare.

In case you missed it, I reported on Obama’s layoff bomb last week.


Obama’s Layoff Bomb
October 31, 2012

In June, a diffident and self-deluded President Obama claimed that “the private sector is doing fine.” Last week, the private sector responded: Speak for yourself, buster. Who needs an “October Surprise” when the business headlines are broadcasting the imminent layoff bomb in neon lights?

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Uncle Bill
11-08-2012, 04:20 PM
You weren't alone with those prognostications, Eric. In addition, Goose has been reminding us of how we have become another Cuba, and it's not too difficult to predict this nation falling into anarchy along the same lines as Greece and other EU countries.

It's also a matter of time before the Iranians make a blunder of epic proportions. And if not those jihadists, almost any of those other towel-headed-newly-freed muslims in that region decide to take down more embassies. It's so easy, and there's no repercussions.

What's incredulous is finding anyone with enough of a death-wish to take on any kind of an ambassadorial appointment.