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: Those that have Republican Congresscritters...

Uncle Bill
12-13-2012, 04:36 PM
...need to make a call and let your views known should they cave to Obama's tax increases. It doesn't matter what the Republicans do, they will be held accountable and blamed in the corrupt MSP and by all the class envy crowd...regardless of which way this 'cliff' garbage goes. Like I've stated, the only Republican course to take is submit a bill from the Congress that is in favor of not changing ANY of the Bush tax cuts, regardless of the pressure. Let the spokeskid and the messiah bloviate all they want about all the tax cuts causing the fiscal problems. They KNOW they are just spewing venom for the ignorant to feed on...the SFN, OWS, and the rest of the Marxists/socialists/leftists other words the basic fools of this nation.

I can understand how you lefties are just gloating over this past election...making all the rest of us eat crow. But do you really follow and buy into this imbecelic philosophy of what will fix this nation is MORE SPENDING??? Are you all this dense. If so, you are far bigger fools than I first are far more at fault than just having white guilt. You are intent in bringing down this nation, even knowing what is happening in Europe? Have the unions made you all such mind-numbed robots that you are all no better than that pathetic crowd in Michigan? Have you no individual thought or pride in this nation? Do you think the taxes you allow the Democrats to extract from the producers of this country, and redistribute to the welfarists, will continue throughout your lifetime?

Here's what I predict. Should those of you with Republican representation be unable to convince your Congressperson to not allow Obama to succeed, or at least, do what they can to slow his efforts at killing your party, regardless of knowing you will be blamed anyway, this nation will NOT recover in your lifetime, nor your kid's OR grandkids. Oh I now how dejected you feel over what you saw happen last month. You had more faith in the voters to remove this regime from power. But others have decided this nation of fools have not had their fill of this poisonous koolaide yet, so they are willing to allow this empty suit to do whatever he wants, so only total rebellion will return this nation to anything close to what the founders envisioned it should be.

But if you allow the Republican establishment to genuflect before this phoney stuffed suit, that hasn't the business acumen of a weenie cart owner, then you can expect the nation as you once knew it, to become another Greece. The least you can do is inform your Washington reps to fight it as best they can, and not fold. Show some backbone for your principles, knowing full well that to give in is total capitulation for ALL you might believe in...and sadly, for the freedoms and liberties your forefathers fought for.

YOU ALL MUST UNDERSTAND...Obama doesn't give a FRA about doing what's correct for this nation. He could care less about trying to be fair or just...that's a joke to him. He's on a vendetta to break the back of ALL the Republican, conservative, Libertarian et al beliefs. He's only going to accept complete capitulation from Congress for his tax-raising rates. Once he has that, he will then proceed to go after the rest of the saps that think he's in favor of their views. He couldn't care less for any of you. If you sheeple can't see that, then stand by to get sheared.

Even some 'gored' Democrats are now crying for 'their favorites to be excused' from the upcoming taxes in the Obamacare fiasco. Well lookee here, no less than that famous stallwart of the peoples republic of Minnesoooota, little Al Franken, wants his 'election donors' to be excused. What a farce. The corruption is rampant. Belly up to the old sow, piggies...time to get in on the free ice cream you voted for.


Uncle Bill
12-13-2012, 04:41 PM
Here's another bit of analysis from one that's been there. UB

Gingrich: After the cliff
By: Newt Gingrich (

The most troubling aspect of the current Republican disarray over the so-called “fiscal cliff” is the lack of strategic planning.
Republicans talk as though solving this challenge will end their problems.

After President Barack Obama extorts taxes in the current negotiations he will have an Inaugural Address, a State of the Union address to a Joint Session of Congress, and then he will submit a budget. Each of these national events will be designed to maximize the president’s support and to set new benchmarks that force the Republicans to choose between their base and other elements of America. The news media will, of course, trumpet President Obama’s proposals and adopt his language.

Beyond the legislative struggles, President Obama will issue a continuing deluge of new Executive Orders and regulations. More than 4,000 new federal regulations are currently in the pipeline — and even more are coming. The inventiveness and aggressiveness of a victorious left wing bureaucracy should not be underestimated.

Over the last two years the Obama team has learned to maximize its impact while stalemated in the legislative arena. That skill will now be exercised with vigor and enthusiasm in every aspect of the federal government.

Some Republicans suggest that surrendering on taxes now will somehow lead to better negotiations with President Obama in the future. They assert that giving the president higher taxes might mellow him and encourage him to offer substantial entitlement reforms later.

What possible pressure could there be on the president to make greater concessions after he has gotten the increased taxes and spending? If he won’t give it to you to get the taxes he wants, why would he give it to you for nothing?
In fact the exact opposite will happen.

Once House Republicans prove they will cave on taxes, President Obama will assume they will cave on everything. Expanded spending, additional forms of income transfer, greater bureaucracy, weaker defenses, more taxes when the current increases don’t “solve” the deficit.

Some Republicans fantasize that they can draw a stronger line on the debt ceiling than they have on taxes.

The very pressures that are breaking the House GOP on taxes will be mobilized to break their will on the debt ceiling.

The news media will declare them irresponsible. The Senate Democrats will attack them for undermining the national credit. The bankers will publicly demand a debt ceiling fix. The Obama grassroots system will go to work.

Why would anyone believe that the habit of surrender could be reversed on the debt ceiling? A trivial fig leaf will be displayed and the spending will rush onward.

Then the president will demand immediate citizenship for 11,000,000 plus people — no one knows the real number — with no requirements for learning English or American history and no guarantees of honest elections. Republican objections will be dismissed as racist, heartless and reactionary. The entire fight will be designed to infuriate the Republican base and maximize Republican infighting while further alienating Latinos and Asian Americans from Republicans.

Finally, for its goals that cannot be achieved through these efforts, the Obama team will focus on appointing very liberal judges and on using the United Nations. (Note the effort to limit the Second Amendment by a United Nations treaty. (

House Republicans need to lift their eyes from the immediate “fiscal cliff” and design a strategy for coping with, slowing down, and then defeating the overall effort to create a radically different America.

Until they understand the larger strategic fight, they can’t possibly know what to do in the current short-term tactical situation.

12-13-2012, 05:00 PM
The critter has already been told.

Uncle Bill
12-13-2012, 05:08 PM
Here's something else to scare the BeJesus out of you.


murral stark
12-13-2012, 06:16 PM
Here's something else to scare the BeJesus out of you.


Wanna buy a bomb shelter? I have some for sale.

12-13-2012, 06:35 PM
Don't hold back, Bill. Tell us how you really feel.

OWS??? They've all gone inside. It's cold now you know.

Here's a couple of links about crow eating to lighten up this dismal thread.

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