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: A POTUS Christmas Story

Marvin S
12-19-2012, 09:44 PM
Ted has a story over on the main forum that all should read - I read it every year & it always elicits fond memories past & obliterates a few Kleenex.

The community I was raised in was poor, it was the heart of the depression & FDR was doing about as well as the present POTUS in putting policies in place that put people to work. My grandparents raised me from a very young age until my grandmother passed. My grandparents were practicing Catholics so along with weekly mass, an occasional special event there was the Christmas Bazaar.

The Bazaar was a neat event for a young person. I got to talk to those who were my friends & watch the adults bid on various items. Oyster stew as milk was readily available along with oyster crackers, a couple of cans of oysters could add the necessary flavor. But the highlight of the evening was bingo, everyone played for free & the prizes, announced before each game were always donated food items. Sometimes there would be a quilt but rarely.

The priest knew of those families with a need, times were tough & a person could be needy through no fault of their own. The priest made sure those families were welcomed & if they failed to win at free bingo there was a drawing at the end of all the stuff left over which somehow managed to make sure those families did not go home empty handed. At the time I never thought of it as no one felt themselves superior to anyone else in the community. No one felt that it was unusual to help someone in need, especially if they were your neighbor or your neighbor's neighbor. & of course, those in need were not advertising that need, they did without rather than ask.

Somewhere along the way that all has changed, sadly so. Sometimes the good old days were that :). Have a nice Holiday Season, may you enjoy it with your family :cool:.

12-19-2012, 10:37 PM
Thanks. Enjoyed the story. I remember FDR's rein.

Gerry Clinchy
12-26-2012, 10:44 AM
I just got this in an email ... wish I had a copy of the cartoon that went along with it:

Written by
Phil Reisman

Six months ago, a reader emailed me a cartoon drawn by Wiley Miller.

It depicted a saintly, robed figure looking down at planet Earth from the clouds of heaven.

He tells an angel: “Truth be told, if it wasn’t for dogs, I would have blown it
up years ago.

We can learn a lot from our dogs.

M&K's Retrievers
12-26-2012, 06:39 PM
I just got this in an email ... wish I had a copy of the cartoon that went along with it:

We can learn a lot from our dogs.

Ain't it the truth?