: Maine Retriever Trial Club FT Numbers AND RESULTS

Andy Carlson
05-19-2004, 03:37 AM
Our spring FT is May 28-30. Here are the numbers.

Open - 63

Am - 48

Qual - 37

Derby- 21

Andy - hopin' #13 is a lucky number in the Q :wink:

05-19-2004, 05:53 PM
Thanks Andy
Good luck to you in the Q :D

Are the entries posted anywhere?

Andy Carlson
05-19-2004, 06:05 PM
Hi Breck - The running order is on our club website www.mainertc.org Click the link to the spring trial and you'll find the running orders there.

Thanks for the luck - the same to Darla!!


Andy Carlson
05-31-2004, 07:59 AM

First - Rocky Grove's Ace's High SH Cynthia Williams Rick Roberts
Second - FC Seven Come Eleven V JM & LK DuBose Al Arthur
Third - FC AFC Lars Wing N' A Prayer Robert & Patricia Larsen Bob Larsen
Fourth - FC CK's Madam Goldie Marion Stroud-Swingle & Clint Swingle David Mosher
Reserve JAM - Deep Water Colonial Sunfire Mike & Johanna Coutu David Mosher
JAM - A Cut Above III Betsy Bernhard Rick Roberts
JAM - FC AFC Plourde Honor O'Fox Hill Farm Sandi McCourt Sandi McCourt
JAM - Chavez's Splash Of Champlain Richard & Frances Magie David Mosher
JAM - Low Country Drake Corrine Thompson Al Arthur
JAM - Biggun's Old Squaw's Stormy Frank Purdy David Mosher
JAM - Esprit's Odd Man Rush Martha & John Russell John Russell
JAM - Buckshot's Scarface Martha & John Russell Rick Roberts


First - Deep Water Colonial Sunfire Mike & Johanna Coutu Mike Coutu
Second - Esprit's Odd Man Rush Martha & John Russell John Russell
Third - Waquoit Bay's Tool Man Len Rentel Len Rentel
Fourth - Kerales' Redd Foxx Joe Paiement Joe Paiement
Reserve JAM - A & D Wildwind Tasha Marshall & Katherine Simonds Kate Simonds
JAM - FC AFC Plourde Honor O'Fox Hill Farm Sandi McCourt Sandi McCourt
JAM - Backforty's Knockout Punch Tom Negri Tom Negri
JAM - Skeff's Maxximum Black Ice Mike Skeffington Mike Skeffington


First - Money Talks II Mark Mosher Mark Mosher
Second - Sugarfoot's Triple Threat Dolores & Richard Smith Mark Mosher
Third - Gov't Mule Elizabeth Weidner W L Thompson
Fourth - Winifox Shelly McStarrt Julie Anderson Julie Anderson
Reserve JAM - Cedarpond's Skip Away Gerald P. Bailey Gerald P. Bailey
JAM - Old Navy Joe Paiement Joe Paiement
JAM - Fox Hill's Muzzle Loader Bill & Sandi McCourt Sandi McCourt
JAM - Marjohn's Bravo Zulu John & Margaret Stouffer Patti Roberts


First - Wingover's Pedro II Dudley Millikin Mark Mosher
Second - Plourde's Ides Of March Steven Kurlansky Mark Mosher
Third - D's Hooligan Hank Diane Tweston W L Thompson
Fourth - Lt Farm Green Mountain Gold Paula & Marshall Richard Paula or Marshall Richard
Reserve JAM - Westwind Abernaki Chief Wendy Shepard Chisholm, DVM Mark Mosher
JAM - Saltmarsh Caernac Zeke Bruce & Jane Sigsbee Mark Mosher
JAM - Coppertop's Abigale Alert Marshall & Katherine Simonds Al Arthur
JAM - Peconic Bays Rare Find Dolores & Richard Smith Patti Roberts
JAM - Miss Teal Richard Ronalter Dick Ronalter
JAM - Roughwater's Midnight Charge Myra & Stephen Fuguet Mark Mosher
JAM - Beaverdam's Big Bertha Rick & Patti Roberts Patti Roberts

Angie B
05-31-2004, 10:27 AM
So Rocky Groves Aces High won the Open.... What da know. I think he's the only one out of that litter that amounted to anything. Good For Him!!!

The Roberts are wonderful trainers as well as super nice people.

Thanks Andy,


06-01-2004, 08:22 AM
Well how did Briezy do? How did you do?

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