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04-12-2013, 08:29 PM
Robin Watson – Seminar - Friday, May 31 through Monday, Jun 3

Robin Watson, owner of Tibea Gundogs Kennels in the UK, willconduct a training seminar and workshop at Duckhill on Friday, May 31 throughMonday, June 3. Robin is one of the top trainers in the UK and is an A Panel FieldTrial Judge and member of the Kennel Club. He currently campaigns FTCHBrackenbird Minnow, open bitch, FTWSquareclose Hawk of Silversnipe and novice bitch, Fowlersmoon Tipple by Olivertash

This will be a hands-on workshop split into four divisions:
Day 1 – Robin will cover training the novice dog withattention paid to delivery to hand, beginning hand signals, retrieves on landand water.
Day 2- Robin will cover intermediate dogs with emphasis onsteadiness, gamefinding iniative, and intermediate blind retrieves.
Day 3 – The focus will be on advanced work, performing in high distraction levelenvironments.
Day 4 – will cover field trial procedures and judgingetiquette and setting up working tests.
Robin will give the attendees an excellent and accurate lookat British gundog training methods and models, as well as a good workingknowledge of British Field trials and working tests.

Cost is $75 per day inclusive of lunch and “elevenses”.Start time is 9:00 AM.
Location is 30 miles east of Memphis, TN.
350 BaileyMorrison Drive
Somerville,TN 38068

Sign up by calling or email:
rmilner@duckhillkennels.com (rmilner@duckhillkennels.com)

Liz London(Gen. Mgr)
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