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: Positive Gundog Training Seminars at Robert Milner's Duckhill Kennels - 2013

04-12-2013, 11:38 PM
Two-day Positive Gundog Training Seminars at Duckhill Kennels- 2013
The two-day training seminars are half classroom and half field work. The objective is to train the trainer, not to train the dog.
Day one - consists of a power point lecture liberally sprinkled with video clips and imparting the basic principles of B.F. Skinner and Konrad Lorenz as applied to training retriever gundogs. Students will also receive information on the latest dog behavior research which has experienced quite a surge in the past 15 years. The lecture concludes with valuable information on how to hunt your dog in a manner that preserves his training, and how to hunt him in temperature extremes and preserve his health. Then comes a 2-hour exercise in using positive reinforcement to influence a dog to make decisions of the trainer’s choice.
Day two – starts withfield demonstrations of training methods for delivery to hand, steadiness, whistle stops and blind retrieves. We conclude with exercises to train the dog to go for the long unseen cripple in spite of closer more obvious dead birds. This is followed with another power point lecture with great photos covering British Shooting today, the history of Retriever Field Trials, and British Field Trials as they are run today.
More information on positive gundog training can be seen here in a synopsis of the subject matter: http://duckhillkennels.com/dogs/positivegundogs.php (http://duckhillkennels.com/dogs/positivegundogs.php)
The Seminar Schedule
Apr 19,20, 2013
May 24,25, 2013
Jun 14,15, 2013
Jul 20,21, 2013
Aug 2,3, 2013
Sep 20,21, 2013

The cost of the two-day seminar is $150. You can sign up by clicking here:
http://shop.duckhillkennels.com/category.sc?categoryId=5 (http://shop.duckhillkennels.com/category.sc?categoryId=5)

You can also sign up by calling or by email;

Robert Milner
rmilner@duckhillkennels.com (rmilner@duckhillkennels.com)

Liz London (Gen. Mgr)
liz@duckhillkennels.com (liz@duckhillkennels.com)

Location is:
Duckhill Kennels
350 Bailey Morrison Drive
Somerville TN 38068

We are about 30 miles East of Memphis