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Laird's Retrievers
05-18-2013, 07:08 PM
This was Wolverine, my mistake.

Just finished a five series Open. Yes a five series. Took 11 to forth series. Then took 6 to fifth series.

It was a double and blind.


1st. Vreelands with cowboy gave him FC
2nd. Chance owner terry Benda handler Dave smith
3rd. Caos. Vreelands
4th is Cree. Jerry Younglove

Reserve Jam. Wiley. Chris Parkinson. My first open finish with this dog.

Thanks to the open judges. It was a great time, nerve racking but worth it!!

Amateur. Twenty dogs to water blind.

1 2345678101315192021222324282932.

05-18-2013, 07:18 PM
This was Wolverine, not FR

Beverly Burns
05-18-2013, 07:25 PM
Congratulations Jerry. The old guy shows his stuff...what a great dog. Chris, congrats. You had the right side of the coint. Very thrilling! Cheers!

Beverly Burns
05-18-2013, 07:25 PM
That sould be coin.

05-18-2013, 07:55 PM
Chris could you list the call backs to the 4th series? Tks

Laird's Retrievers
05-19-2013, 10:34 AM
Getting on a plane in detroit, don't have them with me for sure.

From memory

Richard dresser with dice
Bill Todd with one of his dogs
Connie Swanson had two I think sledge was dropped and ready went to the fifth
Scotty Seward with phanny
Dave smith with ray

Called to the fifth

Vreeland two dogs
Smith with chance
Parkinson with Wiley
Younglove with Cree
Swanson with ready

I am pretty sure that is correct.

Congrats to the Burns, 1st and 4th in the derby!

Aaron Homburg
05-19-2013, 12:20 PM
Congrats to the Vreelands on titling another dog FC Cowboy!!! And a 3rd with Chaos!!



05-20-2013, 11:25 AM
Congratulations to Bill Tidd da yooper for winning the Amateur with Beaver.

That gives Beaver his AFC AND qualifies him for the National Am. Way to go Bill & Beav!

Tough 4th series, tight quad with two short retired and a long inviting standout in the sun up the middle.