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: Watopa Announcement ****Please Read******Bridge Out******

Big River
05-30-2013, 10:54 AM
Please note if you are running Watopa's Field Trial this weekend that the county Rd 84 bridge which is between the front grounds and the clubhouse is closed. No traffic allowed! Traveling from the front grounds on Hwy 61 to the clubhouse and other test sites will require you to go back north on Hwy 61 to Kellogg then on to Cty Rd 84. This trip is approximately 10 miles one way.

The Open and the Qualifying will begin Friday on and near Lamey's Property which is on the clubhouse side of bridge. Please go through Kellogg and follow signs to Cty Rd 84!

Sorry for the inconvenience, the bridge was scheduled to be completed but the rain has set the contractors back. Please call Jim Rickoff if needed 507-458-6009.

05-30-2013, 07:51 PM
Kellogg is north of the turn to the front/technical water grounds about 5 miles on Highway 61. Turn at the Kwik Trip into the town of Kellogg and follow the street (Belvidere) to the end, and turn right on S Smith St. Follow this street to County Road 84, and turn left on CR 84. Follow CR 84 until you find the Open (Lamey's property) and Qualifying (Derby on Sat). You can get to the Club house from this direction. The bridge that is out is just past the entrance to the Club House. On Saturday, the Amateur will be on the front grounds. Everyone will have to go the long way through Kellogg to get from the Open to the Amateur. BRING CASH TO BUY RAFFLE TICKETS FROM THE MARSHAL ;) ;).

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please pass this along to anyone you know who will be attending the trial this weekend. There will be FOOD at the CLUB HOUSE this weekend, so please support the cook and stop by!!! I will post the festivities at the OPEN!