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: North Idaho RC D/Q

05-31-2013, 11:28 PM
1 Grover Hensarling
2 Lola Latham
3 Lexie Adams
4 Ghost Taylor
RJ Gamble Taylor
Jams Katie/Tierney, Toby/Kolstad, Hook/Compton


1 Loot Sundstrom
2 Gracie Adams
3 Floyd Foster
4 Malta Bodeman
RJ Abby Fowler
JAM Seren Grammer

06-01-2013, 12:01 AM
Congrats to Rick Latham running Lolo to a 2nd in the derby. Also to Mike Taylor on another derby with 3 of the Shaq x Boo pups in the ribbons! Congrats to you on Serens Q Jam too Jean!

Tell everyone hi for me....I miss you all.


Brandon Bromley
06-01-2013, 12:02 PM
Congrats to Casey and Lexie on the Derby third!