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: Spaniel Hunt Test Training Day - Manor, TX

Dave Flint
08-02-2013, 02:54 PM
Saturday August 17th, 2013 Field Day for Flushing Hunt Tests
Manor Texas

The Heart of Texas Spaniel Club invites Labrador and Golden owners to attend an AKC Spaniel Training Seminar that will be held on August 17th.

The AKC upland flushing hunt test is a fun game that provides a venue for developing upland skills in the field with your dog and just having fun participating with other dog lovers. Labs & Goldens are now able to compete in these events.

Heart of Texas Spaniel Club would like to welcome folks new to flushing hunt tests for a day of fun and learning in the field with your dog. This is an opportunity for those new to the game to gather and enjoy demonstrations, explanation of rules and how dogs will be judged, prepare to enter our fall hunt test - and give it a try! There will be a potluck meal, skeet games, fishing pond.

Live birds will be provided at no cost by HOTSC for demos and practice. Master level handlers and an upland pro on site to assist, provide info and answer questions. No cost to participants courtesy of HOTSC.

Topics covered - safety, rules and requirements for hunt tests, how to prepare your dog, judges viewpoint, proper gunning for a hunt test, trick and tools to help you succeed while at a test

Event begins - 8:30 AM at the Double Dog Dare Ya Property
Lunch is potluck - if you can, bring a side, dessert or a good bottle of wine!
Don't forget! - your shotgun for skeet, fishing pole, lawn chair, hat, sun screen, long pants and boots for the field, hunter orange hat/vest if you have one (these will be available for loan on site), leash, whistle if you have one :), and your best friend of course
This is a family friendly event

Please rsvp - For directions/additional information and to reserve a spot please rsvp Elaine Grabowski at

08-02-2013, 03:44 PM
wow, I wish this event was about 1000 miles closer....

08-17-2013, 07:30 PM
Can poodles compete in spaniel test? I have a friend in texas who has a master poodle I would love to watch him hunt.