Conversation Between Tim Carrion and wildwest
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Conversation Between Tim Carrion and wildwest

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  1. could you post this on main forum i am unable for some reasonGot back from training tonight with my BLF noticed on the back foot the second toe from the outside is not knuckled up like the other three. It is straight out about a half inch or more than the others. She is not limping walking normal, no swelling, no signs of pain when touched or moving the toe. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before will go to vet on monday unless she starts showing pain then will go to emergency vet. Just wondering what this could be when she is laying down or sitting the toe is in normal position knuckled up when she puts weight on it the toe is out straight again. What do you think this could be and should i wait till monday or go to emergency vet tomorrow . She is still trying to run around i have put her in her inside crate for the night need all the advice i can get thanks again
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