Conversation Between Miriam Wade and Dan Wegner
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Conversation Between Miriam Wade and Dan Wegner

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  1. Miriam, How did you make out at Lake Champlain O/H today? What about Heather and Ticket? Did she run him or did Lois? I'm at Empire. Lost Legend after the land blind and Ransom no-go'd me in the 4th series! Last weekend I finished both of them (4th and JAM), so todays results were a real kick in the teeth. I guess that's trials for ya.

    Hope you're having a better day.
  2. Miriam - How'd you fare in the qualifying at Maine? Hopefully you didn't get all the rain and wind we had at Fort Pitt. I still managed a 3rd with Ransom.

    Any word on the Qual placements? I'm curious how Ticket and Lois did, as well. It was so cool to hear he got that 2nd a few weeks ago. Gotta cheer for the minority breeds, even from afar.

    Hope you're having a great summer and maybe I'll see you at Western, NY or Empire.
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