Conversation Between Angie B and M&K's Retrievers
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Conversation Between Angie B and M&K's Retrievers

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  1. Thanks, Angie. I'll look in to buying it from the distributor. I'll also talk to my friend Joe Jesmer and see if I can talk him in to switching. He usually has 10-12 dogs on his truck. Thanks again! Stay cool.
  2. Angie, what are you feeding? I switched to Taste Of The Wild trying to get away from grain while using a food that we can find here in BFE. Results have been OK except for every ones coat sucks except for Jessie. Tucker (YM) blows fur like a snow storm and Angus(BM) coat is dry and he has lately had occasional losses of hair(not shedding). Firm stools, no gas but terrible coats.

    We had great results for years with Extreme Dog Fuel but often hard to find. Switched to Science Diet High Energy with good results but then started having the same problem finding it.

    Anyway, let me know what your using and supplements if any. Enjoy the cooler weather up there. It just turned to crap here. Oh, we drove by Clark's BBQ on the way home from Dallas today. We had already had diner. I told Kathy we screwed up.

    Thank, Angie.
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