Conversation Between trog and BonMallari
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Conversation Between trog and BonMallari

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  1. Trog: I think thats great but here on the west coast the grounds have all but disappeared...the old venues at military bases are gone and all the SoCal/Ariz/Sandiego trials are held on the same grounds on consecutive weekends nad those grounds are owned by private individuals..its almost a rigged game out here

    Take care , hope all is well with you
  2. Bon have disagree with you about training grounds - for example in WI - the madison retriever club know owns 4 properties with water - dug ponds on three for dog training and 40+ acres each, then WAFTC owns 2 properties with world class water, Manitowoc owns a couple of great land and water properties, Ray Mutch owns training property, then Parrot, Unbehaun, Spangler, Curtis own training grounds with excellent water then Mike lardy, Paul sletten, Andy attar plus hunt test pros own land with water - More than you could train on in a year within a couple of hours away from each other
  3. always remember back in the very early 1970's the national was a Bong in wisconsin - Hill with dandy and eugine corona both trained at the Madison retriever club - charlie had is kids along and we got a thunderstorm and it was the first time they experienced the Wisconsin weather - was the start of E collars and the training and attituded of the dogs was so rudimentary compared to todays dogs - Dandy was a two time National champion at that time and bolted in the first series of the national if my memory is correct - drills those days as angle entries were a mystery yet and were worked on all the time I threw and shot birds for them
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